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Aharayogam was originated from Sanskrit words ‘Ahara’ means ‘Food’ and ‘Yogam’ means combination.
According to Ayurveda, everybody is unique and therefore has a unique constitution. Its requirement and the functioning is dependent on its prakriti viz its constitution.
Food is an integral part of our existence and therefore should be planned according to our constitution.
With this concept, Aharayogam was conceived in the year 2007. As an ayurvedic consultant it was but natural for me to render my services and expertise in the field of health management through food therapy.
Aharayogam render services for weight management, health management and is a diagnostic centre for clinical investigations and ECG.
Aharayogam’stands on the trust and belief of its satisfied clients who are the back-bone ofAharayogam
Aharayogam has clients from all walks of life.Aharayogam is growing and yielding fruits of satisfaction due to the propagation of health awareness done by our satisfied clients.
Aharayogam's motto is to create awareness about the healing therapeutic values of food and the benefits derived out of it.