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Q1 -- What is ‘AHARAYOGAM’?

Ans -- AHARAYOGAM’ is a Sanskrit word derived from ‘AHARA’ means food and ‘YOGAM’ means combination. i.e. food combination.

Q2 -- What is the importance of ‘AHARAYOGAM’?

Ans -- AHARAYOGAM i.e. food combination helps our body to derive nutrient absorption by detoxifying the system. This improves the metabolism.

Q3 -- How does ‘AHARAYOGAM’ help to lose weight?

Ans -- According to Ayurveda,Weight gain against ideal range required for a particular person creates imbalance of Prakritik (body)doshas viz; vata, pitta and kapha. With the help of food combination, dosha imbalance is corrected which improves metabolism for weight reduction.

Q4 -- Does ‘AHARAYOGAM’ help to gain weight?

Ans -- ‘AHARAYOGAM’ improves metabolism which helps in weight gain.

Q5 -- By what method will I lose weight at AHARAYOGAM?

Ans -- At ‘AHARAYOGAM’, along with the food therapy, which is planned according to your body chemistry or constitution, certain ayurvedic plant extracts such as TRIPHALA, NEEM, GINGER, TULSI etc are provided which helps to detoxify Your body, thereby improving your metabolism. Also, you need to exercise for 30-45 min. as simple as brisk walking.

Q6 -- Will I lose weight, if Iam diabetic, hypertensive and have elevated levels of triglycerides and cholesterol?

Ans -- YES, along with weight reduction, your blood pressure, blood sugar and lipid levels are also improved which may help you in reducing your current medication.

Q7 -- Will I lose if I have hypothyroidism?

Ans -- YES, along with weight reduction, your body is detoxified which helps to correct your water retention hair fall, joint pain, lethargy, weakness, tiredness etc., which is caused due to hypothyroidism.

Q8 -- I have menopaused. Will I lose now?

Ans -- YES, along with weight reduction, your body is detoxified which helps to correct your mood swings, sleeplessness, hair fall, water retention, irritability, etc; which results due to hormonal imbalance.

Q9 -- Will my skin and hair get affected badly, if I lose weight?

Ans -- NO, infact your skin and hair will rejuvenate, because the food combination helps to improve your metabolism which corrects nutrient deficiencies.

Q10 -- After completing your program, will I gain back my weight again?

Ans -- NO, the maintainance program followed after the weight reduction teaches you and enables you to choose your food wisely and helps you to manipulate your food correctly.

Q11 -- Do you guarantee 100% weight reduction?

Ans -- YES , if you follow the guidelines cent percent.

Q12 -- I have a very erractic schedule of working hours. Will you be able to help me lose weight?

Ans -- YES. The food therapy is planned according to your lifestyle and eating pattern. It is customized in accordance with your needs which enable you to follow.